Release of Open Source Software

This year I was part of a release of some open source software. This is not something I had done before.

Introducing, Fittle, a mobile app and cloud-based server for running health behavior change studies. This software helps researchers study how to challenge participants to do different healthy activities over some number of days and weeks. You can find it on github:

My story of how this came about is here: Retrospective2018_30July_6Handout.

One thing about doing this release is that for the first time since college, people who are not paying me can see the code that I’ve worked on.

Dr Who, Genesis of the Daleks

I was a bit worried about going to see something that I really liked years ago. It was great.  Tom Baker is wicked old now. That was a shock, and apparently to him to, based on his interview. His introduction to the movie had a sweet sad tribute to his ‘younger co-stars’, no longer with us. Movie was pure camp and cheap sets, everything you want from Dr. Who.  My interview question for him would have been how did he manage not killing himself with that 12 foot scarf.

And I like the trend of comfy chairs and replaying old movies big screen.